Sonata, Acrylic and Salvaged Piano Parts, 2018

Sonata: Allegro, Acrylic and Salvaged Piano Parts, 27" x 42", 2018

Sonata: Adagio, Acrylic and Salvaged Piano Parts, 39" x 56", 2018

Sonata: Presto, Acrylic and Salvaged Piano Parts, 34" x 33", 2018

This project was created as part of Music For Everyone's Salvaged project to raise funds for the non-profit, which promotes and supports music education in the Lancaster, PA.
More about Salvaged: Reused, Recycled, Reimagined
"Each year as the summer comes to a close and the Keys for the City pianos come off the streets, several local artists get to work deconstructing and collecting materials to be used to create new artwork out of the well-used pianos." - Music For Everyone

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